Contactless in 2012

Europe’s largest trial of ‘contactless’, or RFID technology for mobile payments represents the first step towards a commercial rollout in time for a major sporting event in London this year. The event would make a good project target, and a trial took place in London between November 2007 and May 2008 with 500 people using a Nokia 6131 NFC phone to make retail purchases or pay for travel.  Those taking part in the trial could pay for travel on buses, trains, trams or the tube by swiping the NFC-enabled phones on standard travelcard readers.

There’s a little less than two years until the major sporting event in London.  Convenience, ease of use and social status were seen as the main benefits. During the test, travel and retail purchases not requiring user authentication were limited to payments under £10, a convenience factor that led to 41 per cent of the users saying the system was faster than paying with cash.

Original source: Dave Bailey
Computing, 11 Sep 2008


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